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Chip and Pin Mounts

The modern retail environment is a fast moving and demanding one, with many rigorous demands being placed on chip and pin mounts. Damage can occur due to prolonged usage and the many back and forth’s between staff and customers that so often lead to bumps, scrapes and in some cases, irreparable damage.  It is therefore […]


Secure Chip and Pin Cradles

At PPR Engineering we understand the pounding that point of sale equipment can take due to being regularly passed between staff and customers, where it can easily get dropped, bumped or scraped. This takes its toll on the equipment so it is vital that your pos equipment is well equipped to deal with what will […]

Security at point of sale becoming a major issue

Whether it’s the theft of your details, your card or even the chip & pin terminal are we keeping up-to-date with the latest security measures? In recent years contactless credit cards have been issued to all and sundry by banks and others in the financial service industry, with many merchants adopting contactless terminals as a […]


Verifone Payment Mounts

At PPR Engineering we know full well the importance of having point of sale equipment that can cope with the rigorous demands of the modern retail environment.  Many payment terminals get battered and bruised due to the regular back and forth’s between customers and staff; where they are quite often dropped, suffering irreparable damage.  This […]

Payment Mounts & The Importance of Security at Checkout Points

Anyone involved in the retail, hospitality or leisure industries knows all too well the dangers of payment mount theft. It is an area that has become ever more widespread over recent years and has developed into a serious issue for business owners everywhere. The main reason behind the theft of payment mounts is so that […]

Durable Payment Terminal Stands

The modern retail environment is a rigorous one, and for many retailers their point of sale equipment can take a real battering, becoming damaged and worthless. At PPR Engineering we come to the rescue of retailers who need to provide a user friendly interface that also remains secure at all times. We understand that payment […]

Intuitive Gemalto Payment Mounts from PPR Engineering

Our selection of Gemalto payment mounts have been designed and manufactured to give an ergonomic and flexible mounting platform for your Gemalto payment terminal. Not only this, our innovative Gemalto payment mounts have been built to prevent damage due to the traditional “back and forth” counter top placements with each transaction. Here at PPR Engineering […]

Payment Terminal Mounts from PPR Engineering

Designed and manufactured here in the UK our range of payment terminal mounts has been built to withstand the vigour’s of the modern retail environment. Until the introduction of Chip and Pin in 2003, payment terminal mounts weren’t needed. All face to face card transactions used a magnetic stripe to read and record account data […]

New Website Launch

Welcome to our new website, here you will be able to find out all the information you will ever need…