Chip and Pin Mounts

The modern retail environment is a fast moving and demanding one, with many rigorous demands being placed on chip and pin mounts. Damage can occur due to prolonged usage and the many back and forth’s between staff and customers that so often lead to bumps, scrapes and in some cases, irreparable damage.  It is therefore vital for anyone looking to avoid these issues that your payment terminals must maintain the highest strength and durability whilst providing a slick and user friendly customer interface.

Of course it is not only the protection of your chip and pin mount that needs to be taken into consideration.  Thieving and vandalism at the till has long been a problem for shop owners throughout the country and therefore the security of your payment terminals has to be a high priority.  Inferior chip and pin mounts are all too easily damaged and stolen so you need to ensure your terminals are as reliable and secure as possible.

Available for all the top manufacturersAt PPR Engineering we understand the importance of securing and protecting your payment terminal mounts as we have worked extensively in this industry for many years.  In that time we have designed, manufactured and supplied a range of state of the art chip and pin mounts to retailers throughout the country that put an end to the issues of theft and damage that have hurt many businesses over the years.

Our range of termtable chip and pin mounts have been designed specifically to cope with the demands of the retail environment in all its forms.  From the quiet country post office to the busiest of supermarkets and the punishing atmosphere of the builders merchants, our chip and pin mounts will continue to function as designed no matter what is thrown at them.  The success of our countertop, hand held and wall mounted products has led to PPR Engineering becoming a valued partner to retailers throughout the country

All our chip and pin mounts are manufactured right here in the UK, with ranges including the standard tilt and swivel stands, which will eradicate damage due to drops and fumbles and therefore lead to much easier and faster checkout times for your customers. For those looking for extra security we also have an innovative range of key locking security mounts, which is enough to deter the most persistent of thieves.  Each of these will become the focal point of your point of sale equipment due to their fantastic build quality, durability and the level of protection they provide.  Retailers also appreciate the fact that all the cables can be tethered and hidden from view, resulting in a clean counter top.

We are well aware that when it comes to payment terminals, different businesses have different requirements.  In order to keep ourselves one step ahead of the crowd we have the ability to provide you with a bespoke chip and pin mount that will go hand in hand with your own individual needs.

For anyone looking at purchasing a chip and pin mount that offers the ultimate protection and security for your payment terminal, you need a company with experience, expertise and the drive and ambition to provide the best.