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UK Cards Association

The UK cards association is the leading trade association for the cards industry in the UK. With a membership that includes all major credit, debit and charge card issuers and card acquiring banks, the roll of the association is both to unify and represent the UK card payments industry. The UK cards association was formed in April 2009 as the successor body to the APACS card payments group.

We have developed our security products with the UK Card Association security guidelines in mind and have produced this range of products to give the retailer an off the shelf solution to meet all of their point of sale hardware needs. Our units combine excellent build quality and ease of use and represent a truly cost effective method of increasing the security and usability of your POS equipment.

“Consideration must be given to the physical protection of point of sale devices…secure cradles should be used to minimise opportunities for theft”

“Theft of PEDs and terminals – To be able to introduce compromised devices into the point of sale environment criminals first have to obtain source devices to modify. There is a need therefore, to make every reasonable effort to prevent devices being stolen not only to prevent their compromise and re-introduction but also because the asset will have to be replaced at the retailer expense”


The UK Cards Association

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